Photo courtesy of plantpeddler

Cresco, Iowa-based grower Plantpeddler’s love of plants and connnections to the industry help set us apart from the competition.

“At Plantpeddler, we are passionate about plants, but our true passion comes from helping growers be successful and profitable,” says owner Mike Gooder. “Every step in our process, from genetic selection, production protocols, to order management and fulfillment, is focused on how we can build opportunities and eliminate risk for our customers. They are our partners in growth.”

Here’s why working with Plantpeddler could help your business.

Connection to breeding

It starts with our connection to the global community of independent breeders. We don’t just list their varieties, we work in close trusting partnerships to bring you the best. Proven, reliable and innovative genetics.

Continuous trialing

Our job starts where the breeder leaves off. At Plantpeddler, we trial and re-trial varieties in the greenhouse and trial gardens to prove performance under North American conditions. Only the highest performing varieties are selected for our program and recommended to you.

Concise genetic lines

Select the best and eliminate the rest. There is plenty of variety pollution out there. As part of our mission, we focus on delivering a concise program within each genus to ensure consistent results in your greenhouse.

Economical options

We put together elite genetics in a range of sizes to meet the economics of today’s business. We offer options to meet every grower’s needs and budget with cost effective rooted, large liner, and prefinished forms with aggressive pricing with small multiples and minimums.

Commitment to clean

Clean is easy to say, hard to deliver. We work in lock-step with our supply farms to maintain the clean chain. Our protocol follows strict guidelines encompassing facilities, personnel, and systems to ensure the healthiest plants arrive at your greenhouse ready to perform.

Consistent liners

A successful growing season begins with healthy, vigorous starts. We produce superior natural liners through involvement and interaction of seasoned growers, crop specific proven cultural techniques, and optimized growing environments. By selecting Plantpeddler as your young-plant source, you can depend on heavily rooted, compact, energy-charged plants.

It’s as simple as tags

Nothing can mess up your plans like having the plants but no tags. At Plantpeddler, we stock all tags and custom pack them to match your orders. Plants and tags arrive together so you stay on your planting schedule.

Dependable finishes

It all adds up. From the world’s top breeders, we bring concise genetic lines, grown under a clean protocol, to produce high-energy natural liners, delivered with tags to your door ready to perform in your greenhouse. Count on Plantpeddler to ensure dependable finishes, now and for many seasons to come.