Photo courtesy of Doug Cole, D.S. Cole Growers

A greenhouse purchase is no small feat. It takes strategic planning and a sizeable investment to build a structure that will best suit your needs — whether that be an expansion to your growing space, a replacement to an old or damaged house or a retrofit to a current structure. It’s likely that as soon your mind turns to, “More space,” questions will pour into your thought process, such as How much will this cost me? How long will the design-build process take? When is the best time to start construction? What type of structure do I need? What crops will I grow? Who do I turn to for help and advice?

Take it from those growers who have been there, plenty of resources are available to help you make your most informed decision, starting with them. In the following pages, three greenhouse owners share their experiences of building structures so you can borrow from what they did right, and avoid what they might have done better.

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