As the newly elected president of the National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association, I am pleased to report that we experienced a very active and productive Spring Meeting in Tucson, Ariz. this past April. Collaboration and information shared from the attending membership, coupled with presentations on diverse industry topics, have enabled our organization to remain focused on issues that have significant impact on our industry.

This year’s presentations included topics on the emerging cannabis market as well as hydroponic and aquaponic vegetable production, which also included a visit to the University of Arizona’s Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC). At the CEAC, attendees had an opportunity to review some of the latest agricultural research technology, as well as collaborate with administration and staff. It is evident that our industry is becoming more diverse than ever before, and the NGMA is working diligently to maintain a proactive approach in helping shape the building and energy code guidelines.

I also would like to welcome our new executive board members: Justin Shelton of Stuppy Greenhouses, Brent Ford of Lock Drives, and Patricia Dean of Wadsworth Control Systems. Justin, Brent and Patricia are very dedicated individuals who will ensure the future success of our organization.

Moving forward, the NGMA will devote additional time and resources into the energy code process. By developing NGMA Energy Standards, we will continue our proactive approach to influencing national code guidelines. In addition, we also have defined specific organizational goals that will enable the NGMA’s growth through education. Our objective is to assist and educate growers as they plan future expansion and equipment renovation requirements.

In closing, I want to express my appreciation and honor in serving as the new president. With insight from membership, the Board of Directors and affiliated industry organizations, I am confident the NGMA will continue to provide a positive impact on our industry well into the future.

Mark Davis

President & CEO

Atlas Manufacturing, Inc.