Medinilla Dolce Vita
Photo courtesy of Ball Ingenuity

It’s been called “the Rolls Royce of houseplants” and has won numerous accolades at tradeshows and plant exhibits. Once you see it, you can’t help but agree: Medinilla is a beautiful display of cascading pink flowers, and a shade-loving outdoor and indoor plant that evokes feelings of elegance and drama.

While its origins hail from the mountains of the Philippines, Medinilla has also been cultivated and grown in royal conservatories. Available in both single- and double-bloomed varieties, Medinilla is offered as pre-finished 6-inch pots through the Ball Ingenuity program at Ball Seed. Here are a few helpful guidelines to create fantastic plants with a long window of color.

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Kevin is head of new product development for Ball Ingenuity at the Ball Seed Company.

Temperature Requirements

Flowering time from a pre-finished budset plant is primarily determined by 24-hour temperature.