Hawaii is, undoubtedly, one of the top vacation destinations for North Americans, especially honeymooners. The island state boasts tropical temperatures and plants, striking volcanic scenery, hula dancers, clear blue waters and endless waves — it’s not surprising it’s a popular tourist destination.

But this month, we’re taking a look at Hawaii through the eyes of two growers who have found success growing orchids on the islands. Native southern Californians Mindi and John Clark have been breeding and producing a wide assortment of orchid varieties at Hawaii-based Kalapana Tropicals for 30 years, and the road has sometimes been rocky — even lava-covered. In the beginning, the Clarks were also working other jobs as they got the greenhouse operation off the ground.

“When we started our nursery, we had nothing,” Mindi Clark says. After a volcano eruption and the subsequent lava flow destroyed their home soon after they started the business, many growers would’ve thrown in the towel — but not the Clarks. Their passion for orchids has been their motivation, and they’ve continued to thrive through the tough times, shipping out 70,000-80,000 of the exotic plants each year. To read the full story behind Kalapana Tropicals, turn to page 14.

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Karen E. Varga, Editor


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