Gazania Enorma Vanilla
Photo courtesy of Hem Genetics

Enorma is a new series of large Gazania rigens introduced by Hem Genetics in 2017, available in six colors and a formula mix. Our breeders selected for very large flower size, prolific flower production, and, instead of a grey tomentose leaf, we selected for a dark green, glossy leaf. That grey hairy leaf is a desert adaption to allow dew to condense on the hairs at night as a water source to drain down to the crown of the plant — for use as a bedding plant, that additional water at night can lead to crown rot. This motivated our breeders to select for faster draining of water away from the crown for better survivability in wetter areas.

Ideal for use in ground beds in sunny locations, it is also an outstanding winter annual in Florida, South Texas and the immediate Gulf Coastal area. It has good frost and light freeze tolerance and loves the cool nights and warm sunny days of the Deep South. It is also a plant often overlooked for use in mixed containers, because its flowers close at nighttime. Consider the fact that Gazanias add interest to containers because they provide motion — flowers opening in the mornings attract attention, and even the large closed flowers provide color and texture to mixed containers. Because Gazanias can withstand light frosts and short duration freezes, they can be utilized as both early and late season extenders.

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