Photo courtesy of Dümmen Orange

Recently introduced by Dümmen Orange, Calanday Sublime kalanchoes complement the trusted and long-standing Calanday collection. Designated as our novel, single-flowering kalanchoe line, all four cultivars are new to the North American market for 2017. Featuring unique colors, patterns and flower forms, Calanday Sublime is a premium product that’s perfect for growers looking to supplement their program with something special.

Consumers, especially Millennials, are showing more interest in unconventional products like the Calanday Sublime series. Novel yet affordable, these new introductions are the perfect vanguard to increase kalanchoe sales. Early adopters of the Calanday Sublime series will have an advantage when retailers react to this increasing demand. — Tanner Douglas Cole, Marketing & Trial Coordinator, Dümmen Orange, North America

For more information or to request a catalog, contact Marketing.NA@DummenOrange.com