South Pacific Orange, a 2018 AAS winner, has a compact habit, brilliant flower color, excellent repeat blooming and is more uniform and vigorous — plus, it has better basal branching than comparison cannas. It is a seed-propagated variety, is day-length neutral and is not prone to diseases transmitted in rhizome production.

South Pacific Orange

Ornamental pepper Onyx Red, a 2018 AAS winner, is a compact, well-branched plant with eye-catching dark black, petite foliage. Fruit starts out black and matures to a vibrant red. Onyx Red is vigorous yet maintains its compact, tidy habit. A dramatic addition to mixed containers, stunning in pots and an attention-grabbing point of contrast in a garden.

Onyx Red

Linaria Fantasista Series is an extra-dwarf series with extraordinary basal branching. It will withstand frosts and short duration freezes to 26 degrees F / -4 degrees C without injury. Available in five bright colors, Blue, Pink, Rose, White, Yellow and a Mix.

Fantasista Series