Marigold Super Hero Spry (an AAS winner) is a powerhouse French marigold with dark maroon lower petals and golden yellow upper petals. Noted award-winning attributes include: a more uniform, stable color pattern, earlier to bloom and no deadheading required.

Super Hero Spry

Petunia SUCCESS! 360° is a versatile grandiflora series that looks great from any angle. As uniform and programmable as the SUCCESS! series. Available in 13 colors for a complete color range of full, well-branched packs that “pop” at retail.

Success! 360°

Helianthus Bert is the perfect gift plant! Bert’s large, bright yellow flowers with a chocolate center don’t produce pollen so they stay bright and clean at retail. Reliable, high germination rates make Helianthus Bert easy to grow and schedule too.


Lewisia Elise Ruby Red is a versatile, first-year flowering perennial that can be used as a potted plant or bedding plant. It’s heat and drought tolerant and has a long flowering season. It’s also a Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner!

Elise Ruby Red