Green Fuse Botanicals

A breeding breakthrough in rex begonias brings the Dibs series. Their incredibly strong vigor not only eliminates weeks of crop time for the grower, but also ensures consumer garden and container success. Their brightly colored leaf patterns glow in even the heaviest of shade.

Dibs Cherry Mint

Constant Cadence Milk Cherry is a combination in every plant. Their double, fragrant blossoms will open pure white, then they harden to deep rose and finally dark red. Their daylength neutrality and zero cooling requirement means they are not only a great spring performer, but bring a completely new, hassle-free element to the holiday season production.

Milk Cherry

The new Chestnut Gold boasts huge bi-colored flowers on a sturdy chassis. The daylength neutrality of this Rudbeckia hirta turns a traditionally late summer retail item into a year-round plant.

Chestnut Gold

The first-ever multi-bract Spanish Lavender easily grabs retail attention. The Lavish series produces an abundance of massive blooms extremely early, lengthening the sales window.

Spanish Lavender


Blockbuster, a new series of Vinca with an upgraded, bold and daring color palette, excellent branching, and big, overlapping petals, to upgrade the class. Blockbuster’s extreme uniformity in the pack and impressive garden vigor makes it a catch-all for grower and retailer needs


Reach Out is a tidier ivy geranium to maintain a beautiful habit throughout the season without sacrificing earliness. Short internodes ensure a full and fit habit with ultimate flowerbreak of large blooms of concentrated pigment, including bold bicolors.

Reach Out

Cleanleaf genetics boast deep, dark foliage that carry this patio tomato plant all the way through the season with impressive fruiting! The foliage on Summerlong remains healthy and green at the grower level and the store, and on the patio! This comprehensive disease-resistant package ensures success along the way, and flavor is balanced and nuanced on these medium slicers