Florist Holland

Garvinea Sweet Fiesta has playful pink/white flowers for a festive summer vibe. This robust garden plant has a generous ongoing flowering period from early spring until the first frost. Attracting friendly pollinators, Garvinea Sweet Fiesta brings the garden to life.

Sweet Fiesta

Patio Gerbera Painted Desert offers extra large-sized plants with large, stunning flowers, for an instant wow effect at the front door, patio, terrace or veranda. Painted Desert will show its orange-yellow flowers from late spring to early autumn.

Painted Desert

The new and improved, highly uniform Flori Line Select Mix is fully programmable and offers high-density crops throughout the year. The mix contains all colors including the popular ‘Eyecatchers’ and ‘Fireballs’ and is available in Maxi and Midi plant size.

Flori Line Select Mix

Suntory Flowers

Senetti Magic Salmon’s flowers blend shades of blue and salmon into a tie-dyed effect! Imagine offering these as an Easter promotion, like colored eggs. Senetti pericallis plants thrive in cool conditions and are perfect for early spring sales.

Magic Salmon

Sun Parasol Giant Marbled Crimson makes a splash with large crimson flowers against bold variegated foliage. Unlike other variegated varieties, Marbled Crimson has the vigor and timing to match the Sun Parasol Giant Group.

Giant Marbled Crimson

Suntory Flowers adds three colors to the Soiree Kawaii catharanthus series — White Peppermint (pictured), Pink Peppermint and Red — bringing the assortment to six. Plants produce a profusion of micro blooms and retain their tidy presentation all summer long.

White Peppermint Soiree Kawaii

Brindabella Roses bring fragrance and fully formed flowers to modern shrub roses. The collection spans seven colors ranging from purple, dark pink, red and white to salmon and apricot.

Brindabella Rose