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Summer Crush boasts a profusion of raspberry red or neon purple blooms that will make your garden and patio containers glow with color all summer. It is a reblooming, compact hydrangea with dark green glossy leaves that fits smaller garden spaces and resists wilting in summer heat.

Summer Crush

Perfect as a vertical accent in tight spaces, Straight Talk is only 2’ wide and tightly upright. Cold hardy and drought tolerant, it’s easy to grow in a wide range of soils and tolerates urban conditions. Suitable for hedging.

Straight Talk

Neon Burst is a compact plant with attractive chartreuse foliage and excellent sun tolerance. Stems have a rich red hue early in the season. Fall foliage is a rainbow of purple, red, yellow and orange. In winter, stems turn glossy scarlet red.

Neon Burst

Swing Low is a low-growing evergreen with dainty blue-green leaves. It grows well in dry or wet soils, seasonally flooded areas and slopes. It’s also heat tolerant and adapts well to pruning when needed and is highly disease and insect resistant. Perfect for mass planting.

Swing Low


Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘24K Gold’ has the same tight, mounding habit as its parent ‘Hameln,’ but with bright golden-yellow new shoots in spring. In full sun, the foliage retains its bright golden color all season long — in partial shade, the foliage will gradually mellow to a soft chartreuse. In late summer and autumn, myriads of typical short-stemmed pipe-cleaner flower/seed heads provide interest well into winter. Zones 4-9.

‘24K Gold’

A much more mounding, extremely vigorous plant habit in comparison to other varieties, ‘Bloom Me Away’ has large, upfacing blue-purple flowers with distinct white ey es from May to October, all season long. One plant will easy cover an area of 10 square feet once established. Hardiness zones 4-9; order now for liner delivery in Spring 2019.

‘Bloom Me Away’

“Chinese Foxgloves are often tall and floppy” — not so in the case of ‘Crouching Tiger.’ Compact, flat rosettes of glossy dark-green leaves and short, stout flower spikes, this is the first Rehmannia that has the potential to become a mainstream crop for spring/summer sales. Flowers are pure white with deep yellow, tigered throats. Zones 7 to 9 hardy.

‘Crouching Tiger’

The Spring Breeze series of Erysimum opens totally new applications for the increasingly popular early-spring crop. With good tolerance of cold snaps and light frosts, the Spring Breeze varieties can be used as winter/spring color in virtually all southern States with mild winters. Excellent landscape plants, ‘Sunset’ is especially beautiful with its multi-colored flowers, which open yellow, darken to burnt orange and finish in lilac-purple. Zones 7-9.

Spring Breeze

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The semi-dwarf Ever Amethyst blooms very early and reblooms with multiple spikes of bright blue flowers. Fast growing, Ever Amethyst is tough and drought tolerant. USDA zones 8-11. Full sun to part shade. Mature size: 18” to 24” tall and wide.

Ever Amethyst

Coolvista Daniella is an ornamental grass that keeps its lovely blue-gray color and thrives in full sun. Add heat and drought tolerance, plus a small stature, and you have a true winner. Try this upright, spiky beauty alone or paired with other sun-loving plants in containers, or use as an eye-catching border. Royal blue berries add to the display each spring. Full sun to part shade. USDA zones 8-11. Mature size: 1’ to 2’ tall by 1’ to 2’ wide.

Coolvista Daniella

This low maintenance shrub features attractive white and green variegation. Key features of Roman Candle include deer and pest resistance, heat tolerance, upright habit and year-round interest. USDA zones 7-10. Full sun to part shade. Mature size 10-12’ tall and 4-6’ wide.

Roman Candle

Dense, emerald green foliage covers this tough flowering shrub. Reaching only 2–3’ tall, as well as being drought and salt tolerant, Light Show Red is suitable for a variety of landscape applications. Striking red bottlebrush flowers appear in early summer and last through fall. New growth is light green, darkening as it ages. It’s a low maintenance winner with long lasting good looks. USDA zones 8-10. Enjoys full sun.

Light Show Red