Convert to consistency with Cabrio calibrachoa. All colors flower consistently at 10.5 hours of day length. Controlled, mounded habits work well in both small pots and baskets. Hyper-uniform habits play well together for impactful multi-color combinations.


With Moxie!, an interspecific geranium, innovation just got efficient. The first and only interspecific geranium bred for brilliant color in small containers. Mounded, densely branched habits deliver superior flower coverage all season long. Syngenta Flowers interspecific breeding ensures best-in-class colors and garden performance all season long.


Snaptini snapdragon is controlled and consistent across all seasons. Highly programmable with reduced photoperiod sensitivity offers consistent crop timing across all seasons. Bred for high-density production in packs and small pots with a reliable, tight flowering window for bench run finish. Strong central leader combined with sturdy branching creates an easy-to-ship plant and provides a classic look at retail


Big blooms available in three colors and a fast finish put Tophat interspecific begonia ahead of the pack. It finishes at least one week earlier than the leading competitors, and has the largest blooms in its class. Bred for versatility, Tophat is easy to finish in 306 packs up to large patio containers. The only white in its class.