Photo courtesy of Haifa

The Haifa Group, a leading supplier of specialized fertilizers, makes products that simplify growers’ lives. 

“When growers come to us, if there’s a product that matches up with the problem we are dealing with, we’ll point them in that direction,” says Haifa grower specialist Scott Todd. “We’ll help them figure out what rates to apply it at and give them a good general rate to start out with.” 

One such product is the Multicote controlled release fertilizers (CRFs). According to Todd, Multicote products offer the following benefits for greenhouse growers: 

  • Continuous release of nutrients to the root zone throughout the growth season
  • Nutrient availability that matches plant requirements, with no hazardous excesses or damaging deficiencies
  • Outstanding efficiency of nutrient use
  • Minimized fertilizer losses by leaching that also helps to comply with environmental regulations
  • No contamination of groundwater

As for the CRFs, Todd says that they can include one single nutrient source, such as potassium nitrate, or a combination of nutrients. He adds that they also reduce labor needs because they require a single application. Growers can also purchase custom blends to fit their specific needs. Additionally, information about CRFs, including video demonstrating how they work, can be found at

Other Haifa products that help growers succeed are its water-soluble fertilizers, which Todd says have the ability to correct nutritional deficiencies in plants. All of Haifa’s water-soluble fertilizers are: 

  • Fully water soluble
  • Comprised of 100 percent plant macronutrients 
  • Virtually free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants
  • Efficiently absorbed by plants

“Our water-soluble fertilizers are highly versatile,” Todd says. “They allow you to pick and choose based on the issues you have with your crops. Let’s say you need to raise your levels of phosphorus and potassium, or correct a deficiency of these elements. You can achieve this with our MKP product which allows you to apply just the P and K by themselves to help fix the problem.”