Photos courtesy of MasterTag

MasterTag understands that it is important to offer flexible options on custom-printed tags. That’s why they offer a program called Group Run. It enables growers to order custom tags in lower, more manageable volume requirements.

Growers often need custom tags with unique or regional content as well as branding. But they also might need more variable data such as bar codes and pricing applied to their tags, says Gerry Giorgio, creative director at MasterTag. That is where Group Run comes in.

“You can order custom tags, taking advantage of many pre-scheduled print runs of our most popular shapes. This allows you to apply unique content or variable information such as bar codes and pricing,” Giorgio says. “And you don’t have to purchase a high volume to get this flexibility.”

Group Run is based on a series of scheduled print runs on some of MasterTag’s most popular shapes. There are many advantages to this program.

With Group Run, MasterTag assumes the responsibility to assemble an efficient print run across a group of growers. This means a lower unit cost, and growers don’t have to purchase tags they don’t need. The program reduces cost and minimizes unneeded tags.

“Everyone can take advantage of the high-volume efficiency, yet get the custom tag suited for your business,” Giorgio says.

Group Runs are frequent throughout the busy production season. Growers can order tags close to the date they need them and better manage their production inputs.

Group Run offers flexibility. Growers can take as many or as few positions as they need on a given Group Run. It’s even possible to combine different varieties and designs on a single Group Run for maximum options in ordering custom tags.

Here is how Group Run works:

  1. Determine what tag shape you need and how many of each variety or design.
  2. Review the Group Run Schedule with your Account Manager to select a date when your shape is being printed.
  3. Note the dates for orders to be in, and the scheduled output date of your tags.
  4. Place your order, by the noted date, in increments of your specific shape.