Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra ‘Bleeding Hearts’
Photo courtesy of Jelitto Perennial Seeds

Widely native in the United States and Canada, the Oxeye sunflower grows naturally in tallgrass prairies, woodland edges and savannas, in a range of soil types, but it is most often found in clay. (For more information, visit here) Experiencing an enthusiastic and steady increase in popularity, native plants, nativars, or in this case selected seed strains, are great additions to your perennial plant offerings.

The first in this series from Jelitto Perennial Seeds’ breeding program, is Heliopsis ‘Burning Hearts,’ introduced to the trade in 2016. The bright golden-yellow flowers with a red eye caught many growers’ attention. Coupled with purple spring foliage and a sturdy upright habit, it has been a popular seller.

Heliopsis ‘Bleeding Hearts’ is a brand-new for 2018 seed strain garnering a lot of attention for its vibrant red-orange flowers — the first Heliopsis in the world without any yellow in the flowers at all. The flowers emerge scarlet red and develop to bright orange red in full bloom. The beautiful show continues and as the flowers age, you can expect lingering washed tones of bronze and redwood. In springtime, the foliage is deep mahogany supported by eggplant-black stems.

These plants are easy to reproduce. If you have protocols in place for growing Heliopsis ‘Summer Sun’ or ‘Summer Nights,’ you are all set.

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