Lip Gloss
Photo courtesy of Golden State Bulb Growers

Golden State Bulb Growers’ newest Callafornia Callas introduction for 2016-17 is Lip Gloss. Lip Gloss has lustrous, hot-pink blooms with medium-green foliage. Well-suited for small to large potted plant programs, Lip Gloss has a full habit and produces high flower counts. Lip Gloss grows well outdoors in a large container or in the landscape.

Callafornia Callas originate from a high altitude plateau in South Africa with fast-draining soil. Despite popular belief, they are not a tropical plant, and benefit from growing conditions with cool temperatures, high light and constant air flow. Finish time takes 10 to 12 weeks depending on time of year and environmental conditions. Callafornia Callas tubers are available year-round.

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