Photo courtesy of Windmill Nursery of Louisiana


Windmill Nursery of Louisiana is a team of ornamental growers who are focused on quality product and providing exceptional customer service. The company has been in business for more than 60 years, servicing landscapers, garden centers and box stores. Oglesby Plants International has enhanced Windmill’s production by providing quality tissue cultures and advice for some of their more challenging crops.

As licensed propagators of several brand selections, Windmill Nursery takes pride in providing consistent, quality crops. Todd Ellefson, Windmill Nursery’s general manager, was hired on in 2003.

As he continued to learn the needs of the industry and the plants that would best service their customers, Ellefson and other key management personnel became more passionate about the company and purchased it outright in 2014. Since this purchase, the operation has improved both their sales and product diversity. “Our main focus continues to be responding to the needs of our consumers including offering a diverse product line and a high level of customer service,” Ellefson says.

Windmill values being able to control its own production. However, like most growers, there were some products that continued to challenge them. “We weren’t actively seeking a tissue liner provider,” Ellefson says. “But one of the representatives from Oglesby came to our operation and demonstrated how their tissue culture lines could expedite production and increase efficiency.”

The sales representative from Oglesby Plants International illustrated how Windmill Nursery could benefit from investing in the relationship by leaving some samples to try, Ellefson says.

Photo courtesy of Windmill Nursery of Louisiana

“After seeing the increase in production time and a consistent product, we were hooked,” he says. Windmill Nursery of Louisiana quickly saw the value of the investment, identifying that for a minimal increase in price, the tissue culture liners providing a consistent product with a faster production time.

The tissue culture liners helped with some of the more challenging crops, including grasses and new heucheras.

Oglesby has not only provided products, but cultural advice that has helped Windmill Nursery succeed. “Their customer service is excellent,” Ellefson says. “They take the time to discover your specific needs and provide solutions that can help resolve those key challenges.”

Overall, Windmill Nursery of Louisiana has seen a value in the investment in tissue culture, increasing productivity in key crops. But it is their customer service level that has solidified this relationship.

“I would absolutely give Oglesby the opportunity to come in help your business,” Ellefson says. “They invest the time to understand the specific needs of your growing operation, providing both the advice and the products that will support them.” — Anne-Marie Hardie