Photo: A.R. Chase

Controlling the gamut of plant issues and diseases that creep into greenhouse crops can be a constant, complex battle for growers — calling for versatile products that work on a variety of plants. OHP’s Triathlon BA, a broad-spectrum bio-fungicide and bactericide labeled for both organic and non-organic production, was designed to control a range of fungal and bacterial diseases on a wide array of crops.

“I have seen trials where it was used both preventatively and after a small amount of disease has occurred, with very good to excellent results,” says Dr. Ann Chase, president of Chase Agricultural Consulting, who has been researching trials of Triathlon BA over the past five years to evaluate the product’s efficacy. “It can be used in any rotation, as the product is not very sensitive to incompatibility issues.”

Triathlon BA controls foliar diseases as well as soilborne diseases by colonizing plant root hair to prevent the establishment of disease-causing fungi and bacteria. According to OHP’s website, it’s effective against issues including rusts, scab, Alternaria, Pythium, fusarium and phytophthora.

“It works really well on bacterial leaf spots like Pseudomonas and Xanthomona; botrytis and the closely-related monilinia, which causes brown rot on fruit; powdery mildew and rhizoctonia,” Chase says. “[It offers] excellent control of some really tough diseases, and in many trials, it was equal to conventional fungicides.”

Photo: A.R. Chase

However, what sets Triathlon BA apart from conventional synthetic fungicides is its organic certification as an OMRI-listed product — making it safe for both ornamental and edible crops, including fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.

“It’s an OMRI-listed alternative with a great REI for those growers who are doing a combination of edibles and ornamentals, or conventional and organic,” Chase says.

With a re-entry interval of only four hours, Triathlon BA can be applied either as a foliar spray or soil drench, without holding up greenhouse production schedules. And as greenhouse managers need additional support controlling crop disease, OHP’s experts are available to help.

Over the past few years, Chase has been working closely with OHP’s technical service team on rapid disease identification and control strategies. OHP provides this “Ask Ann” service to their customers as needed, giving them access to her consultation.

“I have been pleased with their level of customer support,” she says, “including demonstration trials on-site and trying to find answers for tough disease problems.”