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Growers know the importance of using superior potting and planting mixes to get the best results. Quality mixes support plant root growth by effectively holding water, air and nutrients.

The five common ingredients of peat moss, bark, coir/coconut coir pith, perlite and vermiculite give mixes their essential physical, and some chemical, properties for successful crop production.

These ingredients are combined in percentages with other additives such as wetting agents, nutrient charges and processed limestone. Ingredient particle sizes also impact mix quality for the production of various crops.

A combination of at least three of the five ingredients will provide the needed physical and chemical properties to successfully grow a crop. Growing mix will provide the needed physical and chemical properties for good growth, while water quality and fertilizer selection will have the greatest impact on pH and nutrition.

The following is a brief overview of each of the quality components Sun Gro uses in its mix formulations:

Sun Gro’s organic products include ingredients that are carbon-based, were once alive and do not have synthetic chemicals added. Some examples are peat moss, bark, organic fertilizers and organic wetting agents.

Photos courtesy of Sun Gro

Other components such as perlite, vermiculite, gypsum, limestone and RESiLIENCE® silicon are defined as “natural,” which means they are not carbon-based, but are obtained from natural deposits and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals. Vermiculite and perlite are mined, ground up, screened and expanded.

Sun Gro’s horticultural scientists provide growers with technical insights and solutions for higher yields and improved crop time supported its greenhouse mixes.

The company also provides analytical services to meet customers’ needs and to optimize growing parameters, including water analysis, growing media analysis, plant tissue and fertilizer analysis.

Research scientists at the Sun Gro Horticulture Discovery Center in Anderson, South Carolina, deliver sound science-based technical solutions, high-standard product qualities and new, innovative materials for improved results.

In addition, Sun Gro’s grower technical specialists help growers choose the right products and formulations, answer technical questions, interpret test results and improve growing operations.

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