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Here are some of the top headlines you might have missed

The Cresco, Iowa-based grower held its annual varieties days in September.
Photo courtesy of Plantpeddler

Plantpeddler releases 2020 Variety Day results

Plantpeddler held its annual Variety Day, Friday Sept. 7, along with celebrating the 40th anniversary of the company. The trials were held in a new site completed in the Spring of 2020, and represents an investment in grower success by “Testing the Best in the Midwest.”

Growers, breeders, brokers and retailers spent the day evaluating the Trial Gardens, attending seminars by industry professionals, and touring the greenhouses. Presenters included: Broch Martindale, Corteva; Elizabeth Burdett, Selecta; Mike Faber and Ivan Izzo, BFG; Nathan Sell, Dümmen Orange; and Dr. Christopher Currey, Iowa State University. Participants had the opportunity to vote on their top three varieties.

See the full results here.
Follow these steps to get ready for fall.
Photo: Matt McClellan

Fall prep in the nursery

Winter may be months away, but there is still much to do. Here are several steps to take before the snow flies to ensure your business stays strong through the colder months.

Decide what to toss.

Fall is the time to throw away inferior plants that you don’t have much chance of selling. Sure, you may be optimistic, but why commit overwintering resources to a plant that is already behind the curve?

Margery Daughtrey, senior extension associate with the Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center, says late fall is a good time to make those hard decisions.

“If it’s really undersized and therefore you might assume its root health is poor, it’s better to discard it,” she says. “It won’t grow better next year, it will continue to be a bad plant.

Read the full story here.

MANTS shifting from in-person show to alternate platform for 2021

Due to the coronavirus, MANTS will not be held in person next year.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, ongoing restrictions on large indoor gatherings and unforeseen unavailability at the Baltimore Convention Center, The Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS) announced on Aug. 4 that the 2021 show, initially scheduled for Jan. 6-8, is unable to take place as an in-person event. MANTS organizers are, instead, working to provide an online platform where exhibitors and attendees can conduct business.

Learn more about the change here.