September 2021


Cover Story

Eyes on the horizon

Grower-retailer powerhouse Petitti Garden Centers has spent the last 50 years redefining the garden center experience, and the regional chain has no plans to slow down.

Increasing Profits

Proven growth

With the help of Proven Winners, Sandy’s Back Porch Gardens has increased annuals and overall plant sales with better marketing.

High throughput, more volume

A large multi-state operation out west has found success with TTA PackPlanters in automating its transplanting processes.

Versatile, flexible pest control options

Enstar AQ and Mavrik Aquaflow provide broad-spectrum control in a preventative or curative program. Used alone or together, each product delivers excellent results.

Ship clean, sell more

OHP's fungicides help Van Wingerden International keep their plants healthy and beautiful.

Durable and highly transmissible

Roehm America’s ACRYLITE greenhouse glazing material offers high light level transmission and the ability to stand strong through the years.

Versatile and profitable perennial

Wholesale plant breeder Walters Gardens (Zeeland, Michigan) is unlocking additional revenue in the fall through its Heuchera program, according to Laura Robles, regional product manager.

Saving time and money

With Fluence lighting solutions and expertise, Revolution Farms is reaching peak efficiency

The value of mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizal Applications gives Ohio Earth Food ample support, credibility, and added value to maximize profits on their potting mixes.

Breeding consistency

Bachman’s Justin Miller shares how Plantpeddler’s begonias have provided consistent sales for their operation.

The Prospiant process

Mark Dunson, group president of Prospiant, explains the steps they take to ensure structural success and customer happiness.

Start protecting your plants early

Joe Lara, director of marketing at BioWorks, explains how RootShield PLUS+ can help growers protect their plants from root infecting diseases.

Roots to Road

Shipping stressing you out?

On the road to healthy plants: Protect plants against the pests you can see and the stresses you can’t. BASF plant health experts discuss managing the stresses of shipping for ornamental crops, from color to trees.

Insect Control Report

Pest management

See our exclusive research on how growers across North America manage pest control at their operations.

Six poinsettia pests and how to overcome them

It is crucial growers effectively manage insect and mite pests on poinsettias, especially before bract formation, because very few insecticides and miticides are labeled for poinsettias when in bract.