February 2019

2019 Spring Survival Guide

Labor pains

Growers are taking more creative approaches to attract and retain seasonal staff.

Bend before you break

Try tweaking the rules, schedule and other aspects to reduce stress and boost productivity at the greenhouse during the busiest times.

Words are just words

Develop a process that helps define where you are going and chart your progress through achievements.


Brand Spotlight

Root rescue

Obtego Fungicide and Plant Symbiont from SePRO controls soil-borne diseases while enhancing rooting.

2019 Focus on Disease Control

Diseases in propagation

At the start of a new growing season, growers should take steps to prevent different diseases.

Delving into new disease foes

Not just for pests, biocontrol agents are being researched for their effect on diseases by Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, which has surveyed and spoken with growers who use them.