July 2019


Cover Story

Rooted in tradition

In a changing marketplace, Orange, Virginia-based grower American Color is diversifying its business without losing sight of its origins.

Tags & Labels

Quick & clean

Millcreek Gardens designs its own custom tag labels for consistent branding across nearly 1,500 products.

Student Spotlight

Sage Drohan

Student Spotlight brings you the perspectives of horticulture students and insights into the future of the industry.

Brand Spotlight

Rooted in health

Obtego’s binary makeup improves root growth and combats diseases.

BioSafe Technologies

Funky Pests

Unusual aphids

Look closer to see what’s really weird about one of the most troublesome insect pests out there.

2019 Structures Report

A varied field

A.J. Both of Rutgers University explains why standards and guidelines need to be reaffirmed and updated for a unique industry.

Construction ahead

Growers around the country are upgrading their structures to save labor and expand their operations.

2019 Horticultural Industries Leadership Awards

The war against downy mildew

Improved fungicides, smart rotation approaches and new resistant varieties are weapons growers can use to fight this difficult disease.

Pack a powerful punch

The unique active ingredient in Mainspring® GNL provides flexibility for growers dealing with thrips and whiteflies.

Driven to grow

D.S. Cole Growers founder and owner Doug Cole loves his 40-plus-year career in horticulture and how it’s pushed him to continue learning new skills.

A path of boldness

Dale Deppe’s inquisitive and gritty nature have allowed him to sidestep convention and blaze an unconventional trail.

A leader with integrity

Pulling from life lessons and core moral values, George Lucas works with his team to make Lucas Greenhouses a welcome environment and operation of the highest standard.

Perspective & perseverance

Alan Jones of Manor View Farm uses a broad worldview and steely will to steer Manor View Farm to success.

Pushing past success

A deep family history and passion for plants keeps Art Van Wingerden looking for the next best way to keep Metrolina Greenhouses at peak performance.

Rooted in benevolence

Terri McEnaney combines an innate sense of curiosity with active listening skills to build solid relationships.

New Annual Varieties