March 2020


Menacing mealybugs

Several attributes make mealybugs challenging to eradicate, but growers can follow these methods to control the pests.


The treasured hydrangea

We asked industry pundits what's in the pipeline for hydrangea breeding and why this plant still woos growers and consumers.

Problem Solvers

An all-in-one solution

Together, Nexus and RBI ensure greenhouse efficiency and a harmonious relationship among all newly installed equipment.

The right fit

When finding a growing media solution, growers should look for the option that fits their exact needs.

Recipes for success

Argus Controls’ Multi-Feed RM injector provides targeted levels of water and nutrients to greenhouse crops.

Are you covered?

Mycorrhizal Applications’ Blair Busenbark explains why mycorrhizae are like an insurance policy for your crops.

Structured for success

With Atlas’ specially designed structures, growers can experience easier production that’s tailored to their needs.