March 2021


Cover Story

The houseplant hype

As new-era houseplant hobbyists green up their homes, garden centers and greenhouses gear up to meet the welcomed demand.

Brand Spotlight

On point with Obtego

By incorporating this technology from SePRO, growers can combat several issues and enhance the quality of their product.

Roots to Road

Problem Solvers Supplement

Doing direct-to-consumer

One of the world’s longest tenured breeders released the new Begonia Nonstop Joy Series to help growers solve a problem in the horticulture world.

A system to trust

David Hoffman of Hoffman Nursery, shares his appreciation for Argus’ Titan System.

Tailored systems, top notch service

Stuppy Greenhouse recently went above and beyond for a greenhouse customer looking to dial in its soil temperatures during the cold months.

Solving plant problems

Mycorrhizal Applications’ Stephanie Garcia explains how the friendly fungi can improve plant health.