May 2019


Cover Story

Produce, reuse, recycle

From extensive recycling to 100% rainwater irrigation, Krueger Maddux Greenhouses focuses on environmentally conservative production.

2019 Ask the Experts

Bountiful begonias

Plantpeddler President Mike Gooder discusses begonia trends, the advantages of using rooted cuttings and more.

Five questions with Robert Lemon & Matthew Koucky

Efficient Business Solutions (EBS) assists companies with the entire employee onboarding process from beginning to end. The company helps staff garden centers, makes them more efficient, helps find organic profits that already exist within and capitalizes on work opportunity tax credits.

Climate screens 101

Mauricio Manotas, President of Svensson's Americas Subsidiary, explains how climate screens can help growers improve production year-round.

The right system

Argus Controls Vice President and General Manager E. Michael Heaven discusses picking the right environmental control system, the importance of responsive service and more.

Growing media considerations

Ed Bloodnick, Premier Tech Horticulture’s director of grower services, discusses the changing growing media market, the importance of active ingredients and more.

The latest on LEDs

Jud McCall, PARsource’s Director of Sales, talks the latest in LED lighting, the current ROI for LEDs and more.

Questions with Leonardo Casieri

Mycorrhizal fungi directly contribute to faster plant growth and development with increased nutrient and water availability.

Pentas production tips

Scott Hanes, a Benary technical service manager, talks growing pentas, popular colors and more.

Super appearance & performance

Brad Smith, retail category manager at Sakata Seed America, shares why SuperCal performs well and turns heads from production to the consumer.

Making progress with PGRs

Dudley Dabbs, eastern regional manager at Fine Americas, discusses ethephon, tank mixing and other PGR tips for success.

Blueprints for structural success

Michael Walsh and Adam Chalasinski of Nexus/RBI Systems Engineering Division discuss building greenhouse projects with integrated systems, new technologies and more.

Trendy tags and labels

Kristi Huffman, senior vice president, horticulture, at Multi Packaging Solutions, explains where the tags and labels market is headed.

State of the Market: Insect Control Report

Biocontrol basics

Before adding biocontrol agents to your IPM program, make sure you’re asking the right questions of potential suppliers.

Safety first

Ensure that safety, security and environmental impact are all considered when storing pesticides.

Choose carefully

Proper selection and rotation will help growers avoid pesticide resistance.

A closer look

A solid scouting program ensures that pesticides are applied at the proper life-cycle stage.