May 2020



Brand Spotlight

Solving pest problems

At Riverview Flower Farms, Gregg Meyer helped introduce new solutions to eliminate pest problems like chilli thrips, mealybugs and spider mites.

Ask the Experts

Fighting foliar leaf spots

Nancy Rechcigl, technical field manager for ornamentals at Syngenta, discusses foliar leaf spot, how to avoid conditions and more.

The benefits of active ingredients

Ed Bloodnick, Premier Tech Horticulture’s Director of Grower Services, discusses active ingredients in growing and how they can help growers.

5 questions with Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson, lighting technical services manager at Hawthorne Gardening Company, sheds light on why HPS fixtures are a great option for greenhouse growing.

Understanding mycorrhizae and root zone microbes

Dr. Jozsef Racsko, technology manager at Mycorrhizal Applications, shares the role of beneficial microbes and mycorrhizal fungi in root-zone ecosystems and their relationship with management practices.

A one-stop perennial solution

Jim Devereux, vice president of Green Fuse Botanicals, discusses the First Light Perennial line and its benefits for growers.

Structural considerations

Nexus/RBI systems engineer Jacob Carson details the trends growers should be aware of and what they can offer customers.

Top-shelf tags and labels

Kristi Huffman, senior vice president of horticulture, explains how WestRock’s RockLine Label applicators bridge the gap between tag manufacturing, precision labeling and barcode readability.