May 2021


CAST 2021

2021 Summer Trials Preview

This year’s event is scheduled for June 23-27 and while smaller than years past, will still feature new varieties from various breeders.

Cover Story

Coming up roses

Neve Brothers, a hydroponic rose operation in California, made the most of 2020 by remaining nimble.

CAST 2021

2021 Summer trials preview

This year’s event is scheduled for June 23-27 and while smaller than years past, will still feature new varieties from various breeders.

Ask the Experts

Away with algae

Eric Smith, national T&O segment manager for BioSafe Systems, shares his insight on algae accumulation, along with the recommended products to combat it.

Aphid advice

SePRO’s Mark Brotherton discusses what growers need to know about aphids and why it’s better to be proactive.

Fewer touches, bigger profits

WPS’ director of business development - North America shares his thoughts on where U.S. operations are with conveyor adoption and why bringing plant movers into the greenhouse makes sense.

The value of pH and EC

Berger’s Isabelle Gagné discusses two critical growing media measurements and what growers need to know about them.

Efficacious and cost-effective

Aaron Palmateer, Ph.D, a technical service support professional within Bayer’s Environmental Science – Turf & Ornamentals department, presents on yet another herbicide tool in the toolbox available to greenhouse growers.

Quick rooting, minimal maintenance

Tanya Carvalho, territory manager for Ball FloraPlant, discusses Petunia Bee’s Knees, which promises to minimize the agronomic challenges of growing yellow petunias from young vegetative cuttings.

Perfecting plant foundations

Jim Kruger, regional sales manager at Fine Americas, explains the importance of plant growth regulators for more high-quality and saleable plants.

Ridding root diseases

Joe Lara, director of marketing at BioWorks, discusses root infecting diseases and their impact on plant health and production.

Shipping solutions

Paul Pilon, Technical Manager at OHP, discusses different ways growers can keep plants healthy during shipping.

Solid structures

Gary Baze, senior sales manager at Conley’s Manufacturing, shares insight on the company’s sturdy structures and 75-year expertise.

A new way of merchandising

Aaron McDonald, senior business manager at WestRock, introduces the company’s new environmentally friendly corrugate merchandiser options.

Customizable and versatile

Ian Bateman, manager — technical services at Hawthorne Gardening Company (HGC), shares insights on water-soluble fertilizer options and what makes them ideal for greenhouse production.

Roots to Road

The notorious O-O-MY-CETE

On the road to healthy plants, successful management of downy mildew is possible with attentive scouting, sanitation and preventive fungicide applications.