November 2017


2017 Ask the Experts Supplement

Customized & adaptable

Argus Controls’ Jeff Neff discusses how growers can select an environmental control system.

Whitefly wipeout

Dr. Aaron Palmateer of Bayer explains whitefly life stages, feeding behavior and multiple means of control.

Investing in media

Berger’s Pierre-Marc de Champlain explains why the right growing media can make a difference.

Providing solutions

Dennis Riling, senior horticulture scientist at Illumitex, shares his thoughts on LEDs.

The latest in liners

Plantpeddler owner Mike Gooder shares information about the liners that come out of his operation.

Ensuring the best crop possible

Mauricio Manotas, president of Ludvig Svensson’s American division, discusses the textile manufacturer’s latest offerings.

Secure systems

Jeff Warschauer of Nexus Greenhouse Systems explains the latest market offerings.

2017/2018 Disease Control Guide

Healing herbs

Ritter Greenhouse in Bridgeton, Mo., prevents and eliminates plant diseases on its container and hydroponic herbs.