October 2017



The silent culprit

Growers can’t hear water hammer in their PVC pipes, but they should be aware that water surges can damage their equipment.

2017 State of the Industry Report

State of the garden center industry

Most independent garden centers earned a profit during the past year and reported favorable spring seasons, but some say that they are still below pre-recession levels.

The proliferation of paid leave

As requirements for paid sick/medical and family leave become more complex, growers must carefully create leave policies that are both legal and suitable for their operations.

2017 Greenhouse Lighting Guide

Communicating with light

Dr. Kevin Folta’s research at the University of Florida aims to prove that growers can converse with plants with specific lighting strategies.

LEDs for propagation?

Researchers at Michigan State University examine the possibilities of propagating perennial cuttings under sole-source LEDs.