October 2018

2018 State of the Industry Report

The labor game

Finding qualified, reliable staff has become even more of a challenge for greenhouse growers, who also faced a cold start to spring and trucking roadblocks this year.

Q&A: Growing young minds

Middle and high school horticulture educators instill skills and a sense of responsibility in their students.

Accurately assess your business

When looking back at the past year and looking towards the future, it’s important to understand exactly where your business stands financially.

IGCs playing catch up

After a rocky start to the 2018 spring season, independent garden centers have shown promising signs of growth.

An evolving market

Closures and acquisitions in 2018 have changed the face of the nursery market.

Perennial Plant Symposium 2018 recap

This year’s event featured recognition of the next generation, insightful tours at leading local growers and an inside look at how Amazon has embraced horticulture.


Brand Spotlight 2018

2018 Greenhouse Lighting Guide

A case of the blues

Blue light offers growers benefits in manipulating plant growth, improving development and more.

A new research wavelength

Drawing on their diverse backgrounds, Leora Radetsky and Dr. Jaimin Patel are teaming up for innovative, plant-focused lighting research.