July 2018


Brand Spotlight 2018

Making the most out of mum production

Horticulture professionals explain how maintaining proper sanitation and relying on trusted chemistries can help growers stay on top of their chrysanthemum crops.

2018 Structures Report

Increased investment

In 2018, growers are increasing production space and looking to build their businesses up with new structures.

Fan regulation 101

For growers, fans can be a vital part of the business, and with regulations pending, it’s impossible to know exactly how energy-conscious businesses need to be.

2018 State of Lighting Report

Rediscovering sunlight

Growers and researchers explore how to add value to horticultural crops with the incorporation of new and improved lighting, especially LEDs, into plant production.


The latest stats and figures from the 2018 State of Lighting Report show that LED use is on the rise.

Essential LEDs

Van Belle Nursery’s Pablo Costa shares how LED lighting gives the operation’s hydrangeas some much-needed light and light intensity in early spring.

New Annual Varieties 2018

2018 Horticultural Industry Leadership Awards

The battle against beetles

A unique development from Syngenta offers long-lasting control against chewing insect pests of trees and shrubs.

A fashionista in floriculture

Barbara Jeffery-Gibson’s quiet confidence, drive and resilience has earned her the respect of colleagues and family over the past 25 years.

A horticultural engineer

Peter Orum built Midwest Groundcovers into an enterprise through hard work, a collaborative spirit and a dedication to long-term planning.

Fueled by passion

Jim Monroe’s journey through horticulture started with Japanese maples and a fascination with plants.

Making the green connection

With a calendar full of tree planting events and meetings with landscape architects, Nancy Buley helps proliferate the value message of trees.

A creator of happiness

Amy Morris’ dedication, drive and keen management skills have propelled her to a successful career in horticulture.

The genuine article

John Hoffman’s sincere love of people and plants is reflected in the exemplary business that he and his team have built.