July 2021


Cover Story

Building for the next decade

A commitment to constant learning, evolving, and keeping a family business feel has catapulted the brothers Van Wingerden to the top of the American horticulture industry. What does the next decade look like at this gigantic greenhouse operation?

NGMA Structures Report

New Annual Varieties

Horticultural Industry Leadership Awards

Watch out for whiteflies

Combine insecticides and cultural solutions to help rid your operation of this damaging pest.

A clean, healthy start

Keep your propagation material in top shape with a fungicide that prevents disease and provides plant health benefits.

A devoted ally

Terri Bates combines instincts and confidence with generosity and grace to serve the industry she adores.

For The Bigger Picture

Lloyd Traven strives to empower the next generation and do business his way at Peace Tree Farm.

Playing the long game

Ryan “RJ” Hop has spent half a career refining processes and making market leader Walters Gardens into a refined, lean and mean greenhouse machine on Michigan’s Western Shore.

Growing (Boston) strong

Matthew Piscitelli’s entrepreneurial spirt led him to Olson’s Greenhouses, where he revived a century-old family business to new levels.

State of the Lighting Report