September 2020



Badge of pride

Houseplant hunters prize rare finds. Here’s how you can help grow this profitable trend.

Lighting Report

Give the green light

Greenhouse growers plan to flip the switch on new and improved supplemental lighting technologies in the next three years.

Trial before error

Testing different lighting setups in your greenhouse has its advantages, but there are also some factors to be aware of in order to ensure accurate data collection and observations.

2020 Horticultural Industry Leadership Awards

Growing plants & people

At Millcreek Gardens, George Pealer, along with his late wife Lynda, spent a career growing top-quality plants and trying to empower those around them to reach their potential.

Increasing Profits

Superior flower power

With the help of Proven Winners’ annuals, Creekside Nursery offers top-notch annuals to its customers.

Easy integration

One of Canada’s largest propagation outfits has a long history of data-driven growing with Argus controllers.

Stamp out root rots

Including Segway O fungicide as part of a disease management program helps keep Phytophthora and Pythium at bay.

Evolving solutions

Quick Plug supports controlled environment Ag growers with options that meet system requirements.

Partners from the very start

One of the nation’s largest, most diversified indoor growing operations is enjoying a fruitful relationship with Fluence by OSRAM.

Broad spectrum, superior control

OHP is banging the drum for active ingredients that target all life cycle stages of one of horticulture’s most annoying pests: spider mites.

The right formula for labor savings

Catoctin Mountain Growers leverages Fine Americas’ plant growth regulator technology to deliver top-quality annuals, perennials, mums and poinsettias.

Building ingenuity

Atlas Greenhouse helps Emerald Coast Growers design and execute new growing facilities for healthier perennials.